Saturday, February 12, 2011

Matt Won't Care

Scenes from our Saturday morning breakfast at a diner in downtown Willoughby.

This is Matt. We walked in and saw that the place was pretty packed but before we could grab a seat the waitress hollered, "Matt 'll share the end of the counter with ya! He won't bite! Will ya Matt?!" Matt's response? Shoveling more omelette in his mouth. 

Danny's throwback breakfast: steak. Or more accurately ground beef patty.

My sweet and salty pancakes and sausage. I love sausage. Gross.

Baby juke box. Danny wouldn't let me play a song. Kill joy.

Danny leaves tomorrow for Boston. For a MONTH. A month. That is a long time. So I will be spending Valentine's Day traveling to California to hang with the fam. All I asked for for V-Day was a cactus, and I know for a fact Danny didn't get me one. Oh well, now I can pick out my own.

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Mandy said...

Jane, I confess. I've been blog stalking you. You're hilarious.

If you feel so inclined to blog stalk me too send me your email address.