Friday, June 17, 2011

I've been so busy loving life

That I haven't been blogging! And I'm glad. Because I've being going back and forth feeling crappy about things for so long that it's a relief to be happy. And content. Being content with things, even if they're not perfect.

Today I'm feeling good because:

  • It's summer! and the sun is shining! That may sound redundant, but it's always overcast here.
  • I'm wearing shorts and don't care that my legs are milky white
  • I received a letter from Ian in the MTC, and apparently he spends 40% of his day speaking in a Pakistani accent
  • Going to eat at Mama Santa's tonight
  • B Ru is re-designing my life
  • Purchased an iPhone (that itself is a whole other post. Facetime has changed my life!)
  • My twinner Grandma is coming to visit in August 

And finally,

  •  Because it's impossible to look at Hazel without smiling or laughing. 

You're welcome. I know you were all desperate for another Hazel pic. And just to level the playing field, here's a little video of Asher.

 Bye now! Paige is calling me on Facetime. Chau!


Petersons said...

You're the coolest! I'm pretty Jealous that B-Ru is involved in changing your life and that you got an iphone! You go girl!

Lindsay and Ron said...

Love you! Miss you! I'm glad the sun is finally shining...

Bobbiejane said...

you should blog again....