Wednesday, July 14, 2010


What is it about salesmen that makes them so slimy? Another good question: why do I let them get to me?

Today I had a meeting with a vendor I had met before, but the previous meeting was brief. This man sports a perma-slicked 'do, and is tanned and bleached to an excess. Every conversation is conducted with his eyeballs boring into your skull. While killing time before the meeting began he began asking about our personal lives. He began by complimenting my hair (trying to score points? I don't know!), and then this:

Sleazebag: So do you have kids?
Me: I--
Sleazebag cutting me off: No, of course you don't have kids! You don't look like you have any kids! Are you thinking about having kids anytime soon?
Me: I haven't even been married a year. So, no.
Sleazebag: Whoa ho! So that's why you're smiling like that! Only married a year! Oh my gosh! Your face got all red! (Laughing)  Maybe we should talk about something else!
Me: I am? I guess I blush easily. Anyway.

I didn't even feel myself blushing! I was probably getting red-faced because I felt like saying, 'Look "partner," I don't know you, and this is a business setting--my future baby making plans are NOT on the table for discussion.' Sometimes it's so hard to be nice! Every time I'm snippy with someone at work it always comes back to bite me in the you know what. I'm constantly reminding myself to be nice. That is pathetic, don't try and tell me otherwise!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was pleasant. Last Saturday we went to dinner and a movie with Lindsay and Ronnie. I spent most of yesterday evening watching Megastructures (specifically the episode about the Alhambra in Spain) in bed and eating Symphony bars. People at work were nice to me even though I'm not to them, and Danny was especially wonderful. Exhibit A.

Remnants of the pasta carbonara he made, plus cherries, my favorite.

A heart pillow I had been eyeing for sometime. Not pictured: a print of a Frida Kahlo self-portrait. I'll take a pic of that once it's on the wall.

Gorgeous bouquet. Not from Danny. But they are from another woman--nothing scandalous going on!

Flowers in their natural habit: my living room. I haven't posted a picture of my mirrored cabinet yet, so here it is. Let's see what's on top of there... blue gourd lamp (a recommendation from B Ru who sent me this e-card for my birthday), a candle warmer that needs to go somewhere less conspicuous, a plant that needs to be re-potted, and books that are flattening the Frida print. Oh and the brown paper is Bobbie's wedding invite. Yay!

People with good ideas as to what I should put on and above the cabinet, please comment! even if you don't have any ideas about that, comment anyway, I like visitors. Promise I won't write a nasty comment as a response.

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Bobbiejane said...

Isn't it obvious that you need a huge photo of yours truly hanging above your mirrored cabinet?