Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

I just ate Milk Duds and Sour Patch Kids for dinner while watching The A Team for the second time. It's pretty funny, you should see it if you haven't. My stomach hurts. And now I'm going to go finish Girl with a Pearl Earring. Friday we watched The Dark Knight and el DHT said I woke up around 2 a.m. thrashing and yelling. Most likely I was dreaming about the Joker slashing my face. Is it just me, or did that movie get twice as creepy after Heath Ledger killed himself?

Fourth of July was pretty good. More accurately, it was a bit of a bust. The parade in the morning was very commercialized, with only three actual floats. The temp never got above 70 and it put me into a depressive spin in the afternoon. Why does Idaho hate me and hate summer? Why does it have to be cold on Independence Day? People shouldn't want to buy hot chocolate instead of popsicles. It's wrong.

Later in the day Danny coaxed me off the couch and away from my beloved Spanish cooking channel and we made it to the fireworks/wannabe fair/who-can-be-the-most-white-trash contest in Idaho Falls.
We saw:
- a lady driving a motorized cart with food in one hand, while the other hand burped the cat wrapped in a blanket resting on her shoulder. Like a human baby. Please take a moment to fully visualize that.
- fourteen pregnant or still nursing teenage girls.
- various asians and mexicans who have adopted the signature stiff, ratted, extra deep side part Idaho hairdo.

The fireworks were good too.

Around midnight at the grocery store we sighted three unidentified--actually I knew one of them--BYU-I males trying, unsuccessfully, to buy wine without anyone noticing. They waited in the long line, clutching bottles against zip-up hoodies under which were surely hairless chests. All three were carded. I don't know what they were doing with a bottle of wine each. White Zinfindel no less. If you want to get smashed, maybe get something harder?


Bobbiejane said...

boo for no summer in Idaho
hooray for crazy lady burping a cat, what is wrong with people?? I don't understand.
boo for the idaho ratted nasty hair
hooray for maleluca fireworks
double boo for not being able to see you all weekend :(
hooray for the stupid BYU Idaho boys getting carded. What idiots.

Paige said...

haha i love that last paragraph...too frickin funny!