Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Option 2!

They were both gorgeous schemes, but I like the idea of having a soothing, deep bluish hued bedroom. Thanks for sharing your thoughts people! Now for the small task of finding (and affording) everything a good bedroom needs. I've got a long way to go--I don't even have a bedskirt! What's the deal with bedskirts anyway? Do people still use them? And we're still using those rolling Tupperware drawers as nightstands. Sexy.

Anyway, if you see anything--nightstands, lamps, pillows, etc--online that would coordinate with that scheme, por favor let me know. (And don't act like you don't google housewares and bed linens!) Although, maybe I'll regret such a dark palette in the spring. There's also a chance I'm over-thinking this.

Off to Betsy's wedding tomorrow. {Trilling voice} So exciting! I can't wait to see her in all her wedding glory with that pixie cropped hair. More next week! Chau.


Bobbiejane said...

I think you need 2 giraffe's with purple bows around their necks! :)

Jane said...

Good call. Maybe I will. And name one Bob.