Sunday, August 22, 2010


To the complainers: I will not apologize for being blog-absent. I was traveling for work for about a week, then it was catching up, then it was laziness.

I've been thinking about how I want to decorate our bedroom lately, and here is what I've whittled it down to. Both color palettes are Danny-approved (he has to sleep there too, so no frou-frou stuff), I want to know what you guys think. Feel free to comment your thoughts!

Option 1

Option 2

I nicked these from a wedding website, so please disregard the invites and what have you in the images.


B said...

i see you more with one- because of the warm ruby red & gold- but that being said your bedroom could be more of a cool departure with palette 2. are you allowed to paint walls?

yes to the november trip. K and I will come up to speak to the ID students. crazy.


Dani said...

i love them both, but option #2 looks ah-mazing! so cute:) what website are these from?

also, i've never commented about your mirrored armoire but every time i read your blog i mean too. it's so beautiful & so you! your mom told me about the great deal you got. such a good piece to have forever:)

Paige said...

option 2! especially since i'm about to be spending some time in there snuggled up with you two watching tv :) ha

Lindsay and Ron said...

I think option one for sure...definitely going off personal preference, but I'm loving those warm colors right now! I'm excited to see what you decide! :)

Jane said...

B Ru- Ah! So excited that you and K are coming! So cool you're coming to lecture!

Dani- Thank you! Website is

Peege- Of course you can snuggle! I thought you'd never ask.

Petersons said...

Option 2, Option 2!! Love those colors! That being said, ignore my comments and just do what Brittany and K tell you:)

Julie Woodland said...

I'm a little late on the voting. Don't go too dark. And as for bedskirts, they're always a mess, I prefer a bed with out them. Just put a bottom sheet on your box spring so it covers the white and you can get away without a skirt. Just my preference. I'm looking into finally doing my bedroom, now that the weddings are over!
Later, Aunt Julie