Wednesday, October 13, 2010

R.I.P. Martha Stewart

Lookie what I did! Me, in all my domestic glory, and in the same 30 day time frame, I both baked a cake and did crafts. 

A coffee cake for General Conference, because it is tradition. 

Delicious, yes. But not quite as good as my mom's because I didn't have enough sour cream.

And R.I.P. Martha Stewart, because I am knocking off your ideas and busting it out in my own house.

Purchased, glued, and glittered all by yours truly. 

These are my only Halloween decorations, and I'm okay with that. 


Mama Mia said...

Well look at you, little miss domestic/crafty! they turned out super cute! i don't know if you wanna see my house!! haha. we're pretty decorated.
have a happy halloween darlin.
p.s. would you wanna share your recipe for the coffee cake?
i'm dying to find a good one.

Bobbiejane said...

Mrs Jane,
I feel like this is a classier and more grown up version of gold spray paint... except its glitter so I'm not convinced. Nonetheless, I like it! Sorry I missed your phone call today. I will try to contact you manana. Hasta Leugo. Ps. Los ojos no crean lo que veen. I don't know if thats spelled or gramatically correct. But I hope you get the point. "My eyes can't believe what they have seen!"

Much Love

Bobbiejane said...

Dear jane,
I think you blog should now include a company that makes things which I happen to be obsessed with. Thank you


Bobbiejane said...

Dear Jane,
Please entertain me some more with your blog.