Saturday, October 2, 2010

For Bob

Some unsolicited advice: If your cleaning routine (or whatever other routine you have) needs some pep, try L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold or Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun. I spend enough time cleaning that I have several Pandora stations dedicated as "high energy cleaning mixes." Nothing wrong with a little booty shake while you're scrubbing the bath tub. Don't imagine that.

This person, on the other hand...
...has not been doing much cleaning lately. This is Paige's room. She moved to Rexburg. So did Ian. So this is her room before we gave it a little makeover. I'll post 'after' pics as soon as I get around to taking them.

As for my bedroom makeover, I haven't gotten very far. I'm still trying to work out the living room. It's hard to collect pieces you love and have them all get along.

Sunburned my neck this afternoon. Went out by the river with Danny, Paige, Ian, and Ian's Korean roommate GP, and barbecued and hung out while Ian and Danny fished. Nobody caught anything, of course. But it's still warm here (80's people! I couldn't be happier.) so we had to take advantage.


Bobbiejane said...

80's in Rexburg?!!! What the H is going on in this world, seriously!!! By the way, that room that you made over did indeed belong to Dave's teacher, who gave us bubble bath and childrens toys for the wedding. not like grown up bubble bath, but like bubble gum flavored kiddy stuff.... weird all around. Glad its warm for you!

Paige said...

you suck

Petersons said...

I love the humidifier in Paige's room! That's awesome! These pics bring me back! I can't wait until you do over your room!!

Jane said...

B- I hope you used the bubble bath.

Paige- you knew I was going to post 'before' pics

Siera- I know! You and Bob should come visit when Bru and K are here.