Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let Me Tell You One Time

What is the cure for Bieber Fever? More Bieber? Or going cold turkey?

Because I am BURNIN' UP!

He's a cutie with a whole lot of innocence and a healthy dose of awkward. Adorable! And he's gotta be cool because he signed with Usher, right? By the looks of this video, they are homies 4 life.

Justin's got some moves (Usher = personal dance coach, remember?), sings love-y, respectful songs about girls and has girls HIS OWN AGE in his music videos. And he travels with his mom. No bump and grind. No poppin' bub in the club. No thug life for this teen pop star.

One more for your viewing pleasure. Just watch it and try not to smile.

It doesn't hurt that he looks like my little brother. Which means I've got the Fever in a non-romantic way. Get it straight people.

The Original Justin Bieber

Ian the Bieber Impersonator (sorry about the pic quality, I had to crop one of his prom photos)

Too bad Ian can't sing. I think he could make some moolah on the side by impersonating Justin Bieber and singing at 12-year-old girls birthday parties. 


Mama Mia said...

ahahaha! wow! i didn't even know who this little guy was until my neice told me about him a few weeks ago! i tried to post this video about a 3 year old who loves bieber for you on here, but i couldn't, so instead i posted it for you on my blog.
you MUST watch it!!
it's great!
p.s. justin+ian=twinsies for sure!!

Paige said...

I think Ian is cuter though and I also mean that in a non romantic way. Justin Beiber is coming to the mid state fair in Paso this summer and i want to go scream with all the 12 year olds : ) ha ha. I think its the Usher influence for sure cause I love usher