Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rug in Action

Le rug. 

We are still needing--need, need! Not want I say!--a real coffee table, side table(s), lamps, art to fill our frames, and some element of a dresser/storage/stand type thing that we can put a tv on. Who has the money for all that at once? I should look for a sponsor. 

 I won the work lottery today! Which means tomorrow there will be a new 21.5" iMac on my desk! And it also means I will be doing lots more work on it... And keeping the clunky PC at my side too. 

So. I know you've all been wondering what I got my mom for Mother's Day. Answer: Lady Gaga's cd Fame Monster, of course! Hey, before you go passing judgement, she specifically requested it! I'm not forcing my music taste on anybody. Yesterday I get a phone call from her and all I heard was "Caught in a bad roooommmaaance!!!!!!!" blaring from the speakers. Like daughter, like mother.    


Mama Mia said...

holy cow your living room looks amazing.
love the rug.
and i'm so jealous your mom got lady gaga's cd....i'm still going to get it at some point. ;)
nice work decorating. love the 'j' on your table. :)

Petersons said...

You do need a real coffee table, and so do I! Your mom likes Gaga and my mom likes Fergie.No wonder we're the way we are:)p.s. have you found a dress yet for Bo's wedding?

Lindsay and Ron said...

Love the rug...nice choice! Your house is turning out so cute! I love your hip mom...rockin' the Gaga!