Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Weekend Affair

Lisa and Benson got married. It was a lovely time. Imagine shades of purple and gray, over the top floral arrangements, and a sweeping view of Utah valley. 

Here they are.

Here is a shot of Lisa's dress...and of Miles, of course. The daddy-daughter dance got emotional because supposedly, Lisa is the favorite of five daughters. But I like Miles. I don't think he'd choose favorites. When I got stranded at the Stauffer home in Kennewick, we sat on the couch and watched The Green Mile while Bobbie's sisters offered me Coke after Coke after Coke.  

Bobbie in the flesh. Sisters wore gray.

It just wouldn't be a Stauffer party without some Mountain Dew. This Dew was owned by Bob.

Awe sisters! But let's be honest, I really only took this shot to immortalize the Rainbows Bobbie was wearing. Too much Dave influence! 

Denise! Holy Mother of the Bride in all her glory! I love this woman. Quirky, fun, and real.

Happy wedding guests on the way out. 

Couples date to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point the next day. My ripped aunt Laura got us some free all day passes when she ran the half marathon (with another aunt and a cousin) that morning. 

It was also a Bobbie-Dave PDA Festival. Bless them, they're engaged.

Dave the Horticulture Buff revealed that tulips are edible, so Danny gave it a shot. Not so tasty without sugar, it turns out.

Funny little girl with a parasol. We saw her two hours later still toting that thing around!

Not tulips, but these daffodils were definitely some of my favorites.

The Easter bunny makes a come back.

A hill of interesting bathtub water fountains.

"Reunited and it feels so good!"

Fish eating whatever scum the humans tossed at them.

 That hill nearly killed me. To the gym I go! (Okay, we all know I don't really mean that.)

Smooching in the greenhouse. Oh my.


Mama Mia said...

okay, how cute are you?!? love the hat. and i saw your braid in the wedding shot, i can totally show you how to fishtail. maybe i'll sketch it out and email it to you, it will make more sense that way.
anyway, you're stunning. wish i could pull off your hair color, cause i so would. loved all your fun pics.

Bobbiejane said...

whatever whatever! It was not a PDA fest! And the shoes were a size too small, my feet couldn't handle it anymore by that time of night!

Jane said...

Ha ha Ze Bobbie. Tu sabes que I'm just kidding. Love you guys! And comfy shoes!

Mia yes! I need something to help me fishtail!