Monday, March 15, 2010

Ode to Paige

If there’s anyone who trumps me on the family craziness scale, it would be my beloved little sister. As a tribute for her 21st birthday (March 16th), I’d like to dedicate this post to
Paige Sierra Sroufe.

Paige is loved by all, but especially the very old and the very young. She puts them under some sort of spell, as even the most hard-nosed adults are almost instantly endeared to her.

Paige and Baby Cole Woodland.

Paige believes that she has redneck roots.
She wears wranglers and boots.
She drives a black Jeep. “You don't understand. That Jeep makes me feel like I can do anything.”
Paige and her Jeep on the beach.
Paige shops through websites that give her Nascar race points.
She posted a sign by the computer asking others to do so.
Someday, Paige wants to line the inside of her wedding gown with Realtree camouflage. *
She is a fanatical door lock-er. She’s paranoid about people walking in on her while she’s going to the bathroom/changing clothes/any miscellaneous activity people do on a regular basis.
Just for fun, Paige went on the Barry Bonds diet at age 11. She posted a sign in the kitchen, written in vibrant colored markers, announcing the rules of said self-imposed diet: No starches, and certainly no sugar.
Paige goes out of her way to make or find the perfect gifts.
Paige planted carrots right next to the front door of our parents’ house. Shortly thereafter, elderly people from our church began coming over to talk gardening strategies with her. “Have you planted any lettuce or cabbage?” they would say.
Paige wanted to send the LDS missionaries to Franklin, Tenn. to find Kenny Chesney. "We would just work, he just doesn't know it yet," she claimed.
She wishes she owned a larger than life painting of Lebron James.
Paige can be artsy and wild, taken by creative moods that churn the lives of her family and friends into chaos.
As a baby, she was a lovable grump.
Look at those furled eyebrows.
Paige is fearless. She goes where she wants, does what she wants.
She invented her own currency, Paige Bucks, in an effort to hoodwink younger siblings Ian and Raeni into doing her chores. If they completed a chore, they earned Paige Bucks, which they could then use to purchase the old trinkets and junk she had accumulated in her room.
Paige hates the sound of vacuuming and flees the house when anyone attempts to vacuum.
Paige goes by many names, some of which include; PSS, Paigie Wagie Puddin’ Pie, Pagina (PAH-hee-nah), Heeni, and Peege (the last being instigated by Miss Aubrey A.).
She is a stickler for manners. No belching, farting, or talking with your mouth full. Ever. And especially not at the table.
Paige’s charming cheeks may deceive, but she is almost solid muscle.
Paige sans cheeks.
She loves to pester our father until he says, “Paige, I’m gonna thump ya! If you’re not careful, I’m just gonna thump ya!”
Paige is a penny pincher. We were at Disneyland. I was 12, she was 8. Out of money as we left the park at the end of the day, Paige refused to loan me $1 to buy a cookie— even though I was going to pay her back as soon we got to the hotel.
She gets obsessive about shows like ‘Rob and Big,’ and movies like ‘Italian Job’.
Paige loves you!
Me and Paige.
Happy 21st Birthday Paige!
*I don't know the technical terms for camo, so it may not be Realtree, but it's definitely NOT Army camo.


Mama Mia said...

Awww. What a sweet, sweet post! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE!! Hope your day is wonderful!! xoxo

Petersen Family said...

I loved seeing the cute pictures of Paige! That's the younger cousin I grew up with and participated in "Grandpa's raining day theatre" with! Happy happy birthday Paige! I love you! Hope your birthday is as special and fun as you are!

Hilary and Adam said...

Happy Happy Birthday Paige dear, happy days will come to you all year... HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE!!! Asher would say so too if he could, maybe next year, eh? Love ya!

Ruth said...

I told Aubrey that it was your birthday and she got all concerned and said, "But what about a present?" then ran off to draw you a picture.
We would give you a hug but you aren't here so just open up the book that we gave you and get an Aubrey hug to celebrate your 21st! Come back soon for a visit...

leavitt said...

Paige HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! It is good having you live a Woodland Manor, just wish i could be there. Thanks for your help there and keeping some youth in that house.

Hope this next year brings you much good luck and blessing. (You know once your 21 you can go on a mission???? hint)

Dani said...

love the picture of paige as a baby! happy birthday miss paigey:) i love her ridiculous obsession with nascar and rednecks (she's just like kevin...haha) paige, i hope your 21st is amazing! miss you:)

Daryl said...

I had a great lunch with you on Maui and hope you come back sometime. Just remember, you're not getting older, you're getting better. Always be yourself.
Love, Uncle Daryl

Kellen said...

Paige!! Happy Birthday! Have an amazing day and don't worry 21 isn't too old ha. Take care and I'll talk to ya later
Love Kellen

Ryan said...

Trashcar rules Paige. LOL! Have a fun day. The boys love their few days each summer to pester you and Jared loves to make you laugh and cuddle like only he does. You need to come again in Oct. Happy 21st

Nancy said...

Paige, we miss you! Come visit Lodi more often. Happy 21st Birthday! I loved reading the stories about you. You're wonderful and amazing. Have a great day.
the Stoltenbergs

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Paige! The Graham Fam in Texas will be celebrating today! (It's also Aisha's 16th birthday!) =) But we always talk about how you have something in common with Aisha, (b-day),Sierra,(middle name) and Madison Paige (her middle name).... so fun!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday Paige! I hope your day is wonderful and that your year is even more wonderful!

Bocachrimiab said...

Happy Birthday Paige!!!!
Michael's special day of yesterday, the Ides of March!!!

Dan said...

Happy Birthday Paige! I hope we can make you day as special as you deserve. We love having you in our home you bring a bit of sunshine! Thanks. We love you tons!
Julie & Todd

heidi said...

Wahoo Paige!!! 21--oh yeah! Love Jane's rendition of your life up to now. Reminds me a bit of Cruz and me mixed. Hope you have a fabulous birthday and know that we're thinking of you!!!
the Nobmann's

Abby Ann said...

Happy Birthday Paige! As Jane reflected on some fun memories about your past 21 years I couldn't help but come up with a few of my own:

~When we were about 8 or 9 playing at grandma and grandpa's and you and Leavitt would be the "parents" and the rest of us younger, "less superior" kids would be your slaves and would have to line up in order from tallest to shortest, get you popsicles and soda whenever you wanted, and even fan you with palm leaves. One time in particular i remember we snagged a few oranges off the tree and put them in our swim suits like boobs! Haha
~Or the time you and I (maybe even jane) were in the pool swimming one night and singing "That Don't Impress Me Much" loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.
~I also LOVED spending this last summer with you!
~Having the house to ourselves and playing the country version of Rock Band on surround sound through out the whole house until 3 in the morning! Even working up a sweat over it.
~Going garage sale-ing with Zach Burkard in the trailer park.
~Yarning Gavin's and Ryan's rooms.
~Starting our own business HA!" Errors to Heirs" and driving all over town trying to help strangers claim their loads of cash.
~Going to the Carrie Underwood concert and almost getting in a fight with those stupid drunk girls behind us.

Oh the list could go on forever! I miss spending so much time with you. Hope your birthday is wonderful! Can't wait to see you Saturday and celebrate at 6 Flags. Love you Paige!

suzi said...

Happy Birthday to a "one of a kind" kind of gal. I hope your 21st birthday is spectacular and wonderful just like you! I hope you get to do something crazy and fun that you'll always remember.( You're only 21 once, you know!) I miss seeing you and my family misses you, too. We all want to give you a big birthday hug... XOXOXOXO, Love, Suzi

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Paigie Wagie!! I can't wait to come visit you in California! and for you to live in Utah hahaha. I still can't believe someone has tricked you into coming to the 'dreaded Utah', but it will be the best decision of your life because then we will live right next to each other again and can do crazy things like your medieval party haha. I hope your birthday is a marvelous, fantastic, wonderful, enjoyable, incredible stupendous day!!!!

Love you,
Your favorite Lodi friend,
Shannon :)

dverstl said...

I told Brad it was your 21st birthday and he said " it seems like she just turned 18 last week" Happy Birthday Paige!!! We love and miss you very much... The Verstl Gang...

Ian said...

21 paige. that means you + me + Jacardis!!! Have an awesome birthday! If you get money save it for speakers! hahahah. hope your toe gets better. Cherish this sweet sweet moment forever!!


Amber said...

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!!! You are so beautiful in so many ways and I hope you always remember that! You are so much fun to be around and I'm glad that we have became close since you have moved here. We have some good memories and I hope we can make many many more! Hope you have an amazing day and that all your wishes come true!

Amber Mineau

Dan said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. . . . Paige, we sure enjoy the updates on everything you're up to. You have done so many interesting things, in such a short amount of time---WOW! We hope you have an awesome day and know that we love you and are thinking about you.
. . . .and many more!!! This is sooo much better than singing, we assure you:)
Jason and Carolyn and family

Anonymous said...

HB from Oroville - Enjoy the day!

the DeLucas

Kim said...

Go shorty its your birthday...
Oh Paige, I can't believe you're 21 today. Seems like yesterday when Jane and I used to pick on you and Tiffany and not let you downstairs : ) I hope you have had a wonderful day that will give you great memories for years to come!
Love ya,

Linda said...

Happy 21st birthday! I hope it's wonderful; you so deserve it! How neat that you have a sister like Jane; you two are so much alike! :)
Love ya,

Betsy said...

Have a vunderful birthday! I hope this year brings many kick-butt moments. - Betsy Lewis

Dan said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!
21, This is just the beginning. Lots of adventure ahead.. you can keep adding dimensions to that artsy, Nascar, wrangler,Jeep driving, EMT, thrifty, determined, girl!
We all wish you a great birthday!
Cindy and family

Jessica said...

Aww.. sisterly love!!! My favorite. Your family is wonderful. Twenty-one is a big one. Happy happy birthday Paige! -Jess

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday! I say: The worst day flying is better than the best day at work. Oh wait, that didn't work out so well for me.

Enjoy the beach but watch out for the land sharks.


Noelle said...

i miss hanging out with you ie (ridiculously long games of risk that we give up on, dry ice bombs where we get grant in trouble, "plaqueing" someones lawn, attempting to joust, yarning the Shields, and forcing you to watch movies!) hope you had a great birthday you old fart.
Love, Noelle

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fabulous birthday Paige!We got a kick out of reading the the loveable grump photo!!That is classic. We love you and miss you. Stop by and see us sometime in Livermore!
Justin,Dena,Christian,Lauren and Jason Webb

Anonymous said...

Hi Paige: We are some of the elderly ones that you have known all of your life. If only we had known when we were in Franklin, Tn the first of Dec. we would have introduced K.C. to the Restoration. Maybe that's where you will go when you are "Called to Serve". Maybe you could take your jeep. Have a fantastic Birthday Celebration. Our love to you, Ron and Garnee :O)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the birthday milestone!
We hope your day is wonderful.
God's richest blessings on you for many, many more.
Dave & Polly Bright

Carlson Fam! said...

Jane this was awesome!! I wish I had seen it sooner, but I hope she had a fabulous 21st bday. I can't believe it! Love to all and the best of luck to Paige in her endeavors!!

Luv Ya,