Monday, March 15, 2010

Yellow is for Spring.

I painted our kitchen table yellow. At first I faced opposition, then Danny said he was humoring me, then went with me to buy the paint all the while mumbling that my whole life is based upon "whims." This wasn't a whim, this was necessary. A yellow table is necessary.

How do you think it looks? I feel it's spring-appropriate. Cheery. I don't feel like I'm going to get sick of it any time soon either.

I had a bit of trouble with the distressing. Any tips for distressing the edges? I've never refinished or painted anything before, I feel so very domestic.

More distressing. The milk glass bottle I found at D.I., the ampersand from Anthropologie, flowers from Danny, and the framed poster with the unfortunate glare is something Mother Teresa and I picked up in Paris a few years ago. The cake stand in photos below is from Pottery Barn and was a wedding gift from the Thawley's.

Happy little Danny face. "At first I just thought you were being controlled by your whims, now I think you're a genius." He loves it.

Doesn't that fruit look scrumptious? We ate all of it. Except the lemon in the middle. It got hard.

Some Valentine's Day bounty from Heidi's Fudge. I'm not a fan of caramel apples, but these are the best I've ever tried! The apple pie flavor is delicious--it's the perfect mixture of homemade caramel and white chocolate with cinnamon and sugar. Mmm!

All I really ever need: Coke, a treat, flowers. In that order.


Bobbiejane said...

I love the yellow table, its like a more grown up, way cooler version of us spray painting the bookshelves. LOVE it!

Bobbiejane said...

I also appreciate the carmel apple and diet coke!

Jane said...

Ha! I hoped you would appreciate it!

Dan said...

Jane, Dad and I love the table too! Great color! Our library anyone?

Mama Mia said...

ooh! LOVE the yellow!! and all of your little items on top as well! so super cute! xoxo

Dani said...

love it!