Monday, March 29, 2010

Couples Date Night

Danny and I are just beginning to emerge from our newlywed “If-you’re-not-my-spouse-I-want-nothing-to-do-with-you” phase. Over the past week we’ve had our first married people dates. We were a little nervous and tried to scale back our um…‘unique’ personalities so as not to scare away new potential friends.

We ate pizza and played games at Megan and Neekis’ house. I know, games, not my favorite or my forte but it was actually really fun. They have a beautiful home with gorgeous dark wood floors (I wish I would've asked what kind of wood) and some lovely cabinetry made by Neekis himself.

Saturday night we did the classic dinner and a movie with Lindsay and Ronnie. Lindsay is a good friend from work, so naturally we were talking about the iffy work potluck from the day before. She mentioned a rather fragrant chicken and Little Smokies dish someone brought, to which I remarked, “Ew. Meat on meat is always gross.” 

'Meat on meat is always gross’? Obviously didn’t think about that one. Bah. At least there was laughter instead of silence, right?  The worst part is that I have a track record of making meat remarks. About a month ago in the carpool (that's right, I carpool) we were talking about sandwiches and someone said they liked ham, turkey and pastrami on their sandwiches. Me: “I don’t like to mix my meat.” 

P.S. Blogger is infuriating sometimes. Lately, no matter what I do, it publishes the font in whatever size it feels like, so sorry for the inconsistency. 

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