Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On the Hunt

I hunted for Dove Milk Chocolate Eggs for three weeks. I couldn’t find them at Albertson’s, Broulim’s, Target or even Wal-Mart. Sold out everywhere. I had Danny search online. The phrase, Not in stock, appeared on every website. Desperation began to sink in. So I called my mom to share my plight.
These creamy chocolate eggs are an essential part of my commercialized Easter celebration. I don’t want to dye speckled, pastel or plaid eggs, I want to gorge on perfectly sized miniature chocolate eggs. I’m not a chocoholic like many women, but those round little candies call my name. And they conjure memories of my grandpa Leavitt sneaking me extra eggs when my grandma and mom weren’t looking. And you can’t resist the brightly colored, shiny foil wrappers. Lime, robin’s egg, fuchsia.
Just as I was about to give up the search and resign myself to the hideous fate of no Dove eggs on Easter, I received a miraculous text from Lindsay:
Hey the dove eggs that u like—are they individually wrapped?
She found them at Winco. And bought me two bags. Then a few days later, I got a package from my mom that included two more bags of Dove eggs. Joy! My dinner for three consecutive days consisted of Dove eggs. Only Dove eggs. Now I’m in rationing mode because I’ve got make less than half a bag last until Sunday.
But. Has anyone else noticed the packaging and wrappers this year? It’s all purple and silver. Nothing against purple and silver, but I prefer a mix of bright, fun, spring-ish colors. Not a fan, but I will eat them just the same. The packaging in the picture above is from 2009.


Bobbiejane said...

you're a bit crazy.

Jane said...

As if you didn't know.