Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beverly Hillbillies 90210

The truth: We ghetto-ed it up last weekend. Again. 

We ran down to Ikea in SLC to get some couches for the second weekend in a row. Not exactly our idea of a good time but what do you do when only one couch will fit in the car, and shipping them would cost more than the couch itself? 

We twined the couch in, then used bungee cords, then bungeed the hatch down all during a random blizzard that lasted just a few hours. Freeway noise aside, just the wind whipping and rattling the plastic packaging on the four hour drive home made us both want to permanently plug our ears. I told Danny we were the "Beverly Hillbillies 90210." I couldn't remember which was the hick show so I melded the two. Having never seen either, it's an easy mistake to make. Of course, he made fun.

Beverly Hillbillies 90210: A little drama, a little scandalousness, and a whole lot of white trash.

The finished product + some art I want to replace + the Persian rug I now dislike. It's hard being fickle.

Okay, so the second one isn't a couch but a loveseat.

I think they look great for being from Ikea, and the fabric wrinkles will go away quickly with use. I love the fact that I can slip the covers off and wash them, or just get a new one for when I'm feeling especially fickle.

On an unrelated note, I blew out the speakers in the back of my Camry listening to Lady Gaga. Whoops. To my credit, the volume dial never indicates if it has reached its max. Listen to Monster, Alejandro, or Dance in the Dark--you'll blow your speakers out too! Love Gaga.


Bobbiejane said...

This is exactly what I expect out of a Nascar fan.

Jane said...

That may be true, but at least you know that Paige is the true Nascar fan.

Paige said...

Just don't let mom dye them red like she did mine! grrr!!!