Friday, April 22, 2011

The Modesty Myth

This thrills me! I believe modesty is good, and bodies are sacred. But I never understood why I was supposed to cover myself as much as possible just because "boys couldn't control their thoughts" and I was provoking them by showing my shoulders.

An excerpt:  "I have a radical proposal: the church and Mormon parents should teach girls that they have value without connecting that value to the sexiness of their bodies, their attractiveness to men, their capacity to make babies. Rather than lessons in which girls make lists of characteristics they should look for in a worthy, Priesthood-holding husband, have them make lists of the characteristics they should foster in themselves to be loving human beings in relationship with others, successful employees, and contributing members of their larger society. Rather than teaching them how to iron their future husbands’ dress shirts, teach them appropriate grooming and behavior for success in the workplace, as civic volunteers, as adult women."


m.m. said...

such a great article. it was written by a good friend of mine, and i love the points she brings up. i'm glad you liked it, jane! now teach that if you get called into YW :)

Petersons said...

I love this, so true! We should also teach girls that not everyone and almost no one looks good in strapless tops or mini skirts! Sometimes being modest makes us just look more attractive!! At least for these chubby legs and man shoulders:)
Love ya future YW Pres:)