Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Love

It's not every day you see a royal wedding! Westminster is a beautiful but imposing cathedral, so I did enjoy the addition of the trees and chandeliers. I liked that the sermons and advice were brief an appropriate. I also liked that Kate's siblings, Pippa and James, were able to participate, as Maid of Honor/train holder and speech giver/scripture quoter, respectively. (You like those official titles?)

Anyway, here are some of my favorite moments. 

1. After getting into the carriage, you can see Kate mouth "I'm so happy." And William smirks.

2. Prince Harry relegated to riding in a carriage with the all the kiddos! Bet he felt like a jackass. Did anyone notice his girlfriend, Chelsey Davy, was wearing an attention seeking turquoise dress? Fun color, anyway.

3. Queen Elizabeth's carriage being the most ornate, with a fattie golden crown on the top. This picture is obviously not of Queen E. It's of the Spanish royal family. Just wouldn't be a party without them!
I just realized that most of my favorite moments are after the ceremony when they're riding in the carriages. It's probably because everything else was so solemn, and here you can actually get glimpses of their personalities.

4. A pregnant Victoria Beckham wearing a dress of her own making, and looking fab in a Philip Treacy hat. One of the better hats if you ask me. 

And now for some more hats, particularly those of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

I just cannot get on board with this one. The color washes her out, and let's be honest, it looks more like an alien attacking her head than a bow. 

Eugenie's isn't as bad, but I wish it would have all been one color, instead of bright blue, purple, then tan.

My absolute favorite, however, was this:
Miriam Clegg, who is, incidentally, a Spaniard, and married to Britain's Deputy Prime Minister. I wiki'ed her, and she's definitely got some accomplishments under her belt. Anyway, I enjoyed that coral flower mohawk.

Anyone else have any favorite moments or hats? 

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dani said...

princess beatrice's hat is ridiculous! it just looks so silly. i loved the other hats though:)