Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Brittani, Bitch!*

Is anyone else as glad as I am that Brittani won this cycle of ANTM? She's spunky, beautiful and determined. Dudes, she comes from a trailer park! Also, I love watching ANTM because I love Andre Leon Talley: his capes, hats and general outrageousness (That is dreck! Dreckitude!). I've read his 'Life with Andre' section in Vogue for years and it's entertaining to see his over the top personality on screen.

I was rooting for Britt Britt from the beginning, so I'm relieved that after all the Alexandria drama Alexandria was at the final runway show to witness Brittani win it all.

This pic says it all! Alexandria and her attitude.

I love Brittani's look and I really want to commit to that hair...but that would also mean committing to losing 10lbs and then never eating again. That I cannot do. Steak and donuts are what keeps me going. Anyway, so what I want to know is why the judges felt like they had to cut Brittani and Molly's hair again before the final judging? Maybe I can't see straight because I'm too in love with that blunt bob, but I do not care for either of these cuts when compared to their previous styles.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, a recap of some of my favorite Brittani shots. And one of Molly, because I'm a fan of hers as well. But just one. Because I'm stingy like that.

She looks like some snotty, high class, uber-rich lady (Victoria Beckham?) with her pet kitty.

So mischievous. Love the angles.

Whoa. The Brows and the Bees.

I was never too sure about the arm out there, but okay, I'll take it because it creates some drama...or something. Andre said, "She's looking at an oasis that does not exist."
Sweet photo of Molly! She's pretty athletic so she had a ton of awesome shots balancing and moving with the camel as it stood up. And I adore that silk scarf tied into a fattie bow on the back of her head.

But I really can't get Brittani's blunt bob with bangs outta my head. I've already brought the weight issue to light, but I also wonder if my hair color would be a problem. I love the drama of the short, dark almost black hair, and that cut wouldn't be as dramatic with red hair. Hmm. I think I'm just going to resurrect my short bangs. Any thoughts? Speak now or forever hold your peace. 

*Danny thinks I'm a terrible person for putting the word 'bitch' on my blog. That line is from a Britney Spears song. So sue me. 


Petersons said...

Don't cut or color your hair!! Bangs might be ok...I need more time to think.

Bobbiejane said...

ok, the one episode that I saw this season after our little talk was on the camels!! I loved molly's shot too, and I like Brittini's arm out there, being all fantastic! DO NOT cut your bangs, I did it and I hate it! just enjoy the long ones for the summer, and maybe in the fall go for it?!

Mama Mia said...

crap. hard decision. you could rock it either way, just depends on if you want to cut your hair and then let it grow back out again. i loved you with bangs though. but then again, i love your hair now. sorry i'm no help. i'm the worst at decision making. just do what you feel that day. i once cut all my hair off in the facial room at nordy's. it was down to the middle of my back and i saw this girl's hair at the MAC counter that i absolutely adored. i asked her who cut her hair and she told me the girl across the counter is a freelance hair cutter. so i talked to her and she said let's do it after she got off work a couple hours later. i met her back at nordy's and she chopped it OFF! it was so fun! but you just have to really be in the mood for it.
good luck. you will rock either. :)

B said...

I was devoted to antm this season also. I always love to see tyra as a photog. Yay for Britt. Also you are a chameleon and can rock your hair either way. Love it!

Jane said...

I am SO tempted to chop my hair! But I'd rather keep eating. So, I think I'm going to trim it and maybe get some more/different layers, and then get me some bangs come autumn. It is so humid here I don't think I could stand bangs this summer...

Thanks for all the input everyone!