Monday, May 23, 2011

Malaysia Bound

This kid is going on a mission. 

And this is what he had to say about it. From the pulpit. 

"Back with Ammon and the sons of Mosiah they had panthers and it was more sketchy. They had to take bows and arrows for food and all I have to take is my ATM card."

Classic Ian. He's always been full of one liners and funny phrases... that he says with all sincerity. The other day he caught a quail and a rabbit and then gutted them in front of our three year old nephew.


"Look Asher, these are the bunny's lungs," Ian said. Asher responded by singing a song about Peter Cottontail.

Then my family roasted rabbit and quail for dinner.

Anyway, Ian's hitting up the MTC Wednesday morning. I do and I don't want him to go! Dilemmas.   


Petersons said...

precious! I almost asked about the green room that is featured in the second photo but I remember that i have actually been in that room in person and it is definitely that green:)
Good luck Ian!

Jane said...

Ah yes, but thanks to my blood, sweat and tears, i was able to cover it up! It is now a high gloss peach color.

Alison said...

i honestly was KIND of trying to introduce my little brother to sketchy girls before his mission...just to buy a little more time...