Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love cookies.

I've been so busy watching old seasons of ANTM and making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I haven't really had any time to blog. I have to make cookies every week because I take them to work and when nobody is looking I eat them. That way, I don't have to share.

Quick rundown of the Rexburg life you've all been missing:

- Planting foxgloves and asters... in pots because we don't have planters...or a yard. I hope a green thumb is genetic because it seems like everyone else in my family's got it.

- My sister calls me a "scum sucking piece of trash douche bag" on Facebook.

- Got rave reviews for my work in our magazine dept (phew!) . But El Presidente won't let me change departments, and I might have to work through both of my cousins' weddings this summer. Boo!

- Bought makeup behind Danny's back. He just can't understand why you would ever need more than one eyeshadow.

-Monthly round of swollen tonsils is back. My body is trying to give me strep throat again. Traitor.

- Photo shoot. Pictures to follow. Oh and I've got to post pics from AAA Wedding too.

- An annoyed Danny who is waiting for me to watch Modern Family with him. What a hard life we lead.

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