Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Conversation about joint bank account.

Danny: This would be so much easier (sputter) if you (angry sputter) just.... 

Jane (makes innocent eyes): Hmm. What?

Danny (all angry sputters): If you could just put your name! Your REAL NAME! TOONE!

Uh oh. I think Danny's remembered I haven't changed my name yet. Can't it be Jane Elizabeth Sroufe Toone? I know Sroufe isn't the greatest last name ever (nor is Toone) but I identify with it! I had to wear frumpy, mannish clothes and be called 'Sroufe' for 18 months--doesn't that count for something!?

Shouldn't I be able to scrunch my maiden name in between my middle and married name? It's not even dignified to scrunch it in there, 'Jane Sroufe Toone' doesn't have some wonderful ring to it but I just want it. I need it. Is that so bad?


m.m. said...

not bad at all! my new official name has my maiden name instead of middle (which is also elizabeth, coincidentally).

i love you and love the blog!

Bobbiejane said...

latinos have tons of names, you can surely have 4! Or you can make Danny take Sroufe.

.kaitlyn.ray. said...

totally fair. my name is officially kaitlyn ruth brown ray. i didn't want lose any of my name but I wanted to take my husbands. ta da still not really sure what my middle initial is though....

Jane said...

Thanks guys. I think I've made my decision: Jane Elizabeth Sroufe Toone. Now we'll see how long it takes me to actually do it.