Friday, April 9, 2010

New Hair

Today I went and got my hair did. I like it for now. Cabello liso, mmm. I almost never have my hair straight, so it's a big change. To me, straight hair just feels so, I don't know, contrived. Like it's too polished or something. I like to have my hair imperfect, air dried and a little mussy with some character. Is this so anal, to talk about hair this way?

Anyway, I went to The Defining Line salon for the first time, it was great! Getting my hair cut generally makes me kind of nervous because you never know if they're going to listen to you or brazenly hack away. But Marci was fantastic, I got a trim (half an inch?) and a glaze.
I wish my hair were longer--it's been so hard to grow out ever since that cank Hermana Montenegro chopped it to ear length. Argentines definitely don't know what an A-line is, and so she thought she helping me by "evening out" my hair. Boo. July will mark two years since the day she sheared me.

I had Danny take pictures of my hair (I'm bad with the camera timer) but none turned out to be a straight shot of my hair. So here's the Myspace style shot for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, and we made strawberry shortcake. And yes, that's it sitting on our bed. I like to eat in bed. A gross guilty pleasure.


Mama Mia said...

LOVE the hair.
LOVE the strawberry shortcake.
LOVE it.

Bobbiejane said...

I am obsessed, it looks so good!!!! And the middle part is fantastic. You would.

Jane said...

Thanks you guys! And thank you Paula Deen for the best pound-cake recipe.

Emily said...

I love your hair. You are polished so it is nice once and a while to show that off!

Jane said...

thanks em!

.kaitlyn.ray. said...

i love it!