Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I wonder

After blog stalking for sometime now, I find myself suffering from a case of blog envy, if you will. How does everyone else have such exciting/cute/unique blogs/lives? Doesn't anyone else have days where you come home from work and sit around in your pajamas folding clothes? No new and fabulous trips, purchases, renovations or crafty ideas--just regular folk type stuff like, you're tired and all your makeup wore off hours ago but you're glad you got at least a few things done.

Where is all the regular stuff? Am I missing it? Or does nobody post about real stuff anymore?


Mama Mia said...

i do! i do!! ;)
a lot of people play up their lives quite a bit on their blogs....i really try not to sugar coat anything. :) you should check out (i think that is the addy)
she makes fun of everyone's 'perfect' lives and perfect blogs. it's funny to read!
i love reading your blog darlin.

m.m. said...

last night i came home from work, ate dinner, watched jeopardy, american idol, the daily show, read a book, and went to bed.

i only post a couple times a month, because that's about the same frequency i do anything besides some variation on the above. maybe i should start blogging about the final jeopardy question or something?

but tomorrow andrea and my sister are coming to visit! yay!

Jane said...

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it....and I'll probably prove myself a hypocrite in the next few days posting pics of different events. Boo to me.

Meka- how fun you get to play with your sister and Andrea!